The Good Fellas

Name: Anthony Mal Smith
Age: 27 - 32
Species: Human
Skills: Mining, crafting, magic/spells, marksman and manipulating.
Bio: Born into a life of awkwardness, Anthony brought upon himself to make him stand out from his family by studying the art of magic, the gemstones he collects and his talent of 'crafting'. With a tricky mind and attitude, people say he's a genius while others say he's quite the troublemaker.
Name: Tyson Frank Brace
Age: 29 - 34
Species: Dog (Sort of)
Skills: Marksman and trader (Soft of).
Bio: Tyson is a life long friend of Anthony's, who the two have been friends since the days of their youth. Tyson is a fellow business partner with Anthony's small business and schemes. He's charming, manupulative, knows how to gamble and but unfortunately for him he has quite a lot o bad luck with his line of work.
Name: Model 2992 "Work-Bot"
Age: ???
Species: Basic RobotMaster Type
Skills: Work Adaptable
Bio: Smith needed some extra help in his line of work, so he happen to 'purchase' a robot with Tyson's help. The bot doesn't have much life in him and half the time he malfunctions; really needs to be fixed one day.
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The Bad Fellas

Name: Jubei
Age: 16
Species: Human
Skills: Fighting Dirty.
Bio: Coming Soon
Name: Kyle 'Baller' Gabe
Age: 16
Species: Human
Skills: Sports master.
Bio: Coming Soon
Name: Mugs
Age: 12-15
Species: Hedgehogs
Skills: Wannabe gangsters, motor skills, vandalising and bikers.
Bio: A couple of stupid angst teens who have nothing better to do than cause havoc in public areas or important facilities.